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global currencies Our company name, Equility, is an amalgam of 'equity', 'quality' and 'integrity'.  We are the lead pioneer in the rapidly growing alternative capital/non-bank finance market, sometimes also (and misleadingly) referred to as the 'shadow banking sector'.  Whatever you want to call it, this is the market that has emerged to fill the gap left by the meltdown of the traditional banking sector in 2008. According to the Financial Stability Board, Geneva (FSB) and as reported by Bloomberg in December 2013, our market is worth $71 trillion.  The FSB has acknowledged that this market is now fulfilling the role (at the project finance level) of the failed, traditional banks.  

We are project financiers handling social and economic infrastructure, energy, marine, resort and similar major projects with deal values starting at $25m but usually upwards of $100m+.  That is our exclusive focus, non-bank project finance, nothing else.

We have established an enviable reputation amongst alternative/non-bank project finance providers such as asset managers, loan structuring houses, wealth managers, hedge, sovereign and pension funds for delivering top quality project financing opportunities always driven by seasoned, world-class companies and/or management teams.   We are highly selective in the deals we accept in order not to degrade our quality of deal origination for our funders. 

For further information on our range of non-bank project finance programs, please visit the project finance zone.

NOTE TO BROKERS: We will work with brokers/introducers.  Our standard introduction fee is 20% of the fee paid to us directly by our funders.  However, if there is an onward broker chain we will not accept the transaction.

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Equility Capital Ltd is registered in England No 8201858 as of September 2012.  'Equility Capital' was previously a trading name of Growth Markets Services Ltd (Reg No 6443177) registered in March 2008 and de-registered in September 2012.

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